All Tracks 4WD Club Inc

Trip Leader:
• Accepts responsibility for trip organisation and navigation.
• Nominates the Tail-End-Charlie (TEC) and Scribe to prepare trip report.
• Advises of trip requirements (eg fuel, distance, special equipment, departure time, convoy order, stops etc).
• Arranges carrying of special equipment (eg recovery gear, VHF radio etc).
• Checks radio operation and communication with all on the trip.
Tail End Charlie:
• Assists the Trip Leader (TL) with the running of the convoy.
• Advises TL when convoy is mobile, and when changes in direction have been completed or a member leaves convoy.
• Stays with vehicle which may be delayed or leaves the convoy for a short stop. Advises TL when mobile again.
• Prepares a trip report which gives a good overview of the details and activities that happened on the trip.
• Notes the names of all people present and records these details in the trip report.
Convoy Procedure:
• TL is to call a convoy group meeting prior to start and remind members of convoy procedures.
• Observe road rules at all times.
• You’re responsible for the vehicle following you when turning and changing direction.
• Vehicles leaving the convoy for any reason, wave on remainder of convoy and inform TEC of intention.
• No vehicle to pass TL unless in an emergency