All Tracks 4WD Club Inc

About Us

All Tracks 4WD Club is a family based club. The Club was formed in 2000 and our membership has grown year on year. Currently, we have approximately 35 families and singles as members. Our members come from all ages, and drive all types of vehicles, with 4wding being the common interest we all share.

The Club runs multiple trips each month, these vary between social gatherings, day trips, camping weekends, week long trips, all the way through to extended touring style journeys.

We cater for all driver experience levels and as such all trips are 'rated' so that potential participants know in advance the level of competency required, and any specific vehicle equipment requirements.

Visitors are welcome to join us on a trip. However, they need to contact the Club Secretary to book in. Bookings are essential and a contact number is required so that you can be contacted if there are changes due to weather conditions, change of trip details or unforeseen circumstances.

Before applying for membership of the Club, we ask you to attend at least two events and one Club meeting. This gives you a good opportunity to see how the Club operates and to determine whether or not you feel at home with us, and vice versa...

We look forward to seeing you soon...